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First Time Buyers

So You're Looking for a Home - Welcome to the World of Owning...

Standard Features, Upgrades, Options, Bullnose Corners, Earnest Money, Escrow, Good Faith Estimates, Loan to Value Estimates, Common Areas, HOA Dues, Closing Documents, Titlework!

...Buying a home can seem pretty confusing. It almost makes you want to continue renting...


At Banner Communities, we understand that shopping for...and purchasing...a home is a challenging decision for anyone. And if you haven't done it before, it's a whole new world of terms and phrases that can leave you confused and challenged by the entire process.

That's' why we are "www.easyhome4you.com"! We're Here to Help.

We've spent many years discovering what makes buying and owning a home an easy and rewarding process. And after building for more than 30-years, we know the difference between a home and community that's merely adequate and one that inspires the senses and creates a sense of home. On this page, we've created a link to HomeBuilder Definition and Terms to help you understand the process. We've also created another link to Common Homeowner Questions. As you begin to work with your Banner Sales Associate, you will discover that they are trained to meet your needs and help you with all your questions...from picking tile in a secondary bathroom to giving advice on where to walk your dog. You can count on your Banner Sales Associate to be your guide through the entire process...from purchase to closing.

Not Convinced that Home ownership is Right for You?

Below, we have put together a quick comparison on renting versus owning. See if home ownership is right for you!

Own Rent
Your monthly payment can build equity as you are paying off debt. Rent payments simply pay rent. That money is gone forever.
You can deduct the cost of your mortgage loan interest from state and federal taxes. Rent is not tax deductible.
Your payments will be fixed. Your budget will no longer be subject to increasing rental prices. You'll also eliminate having to pay damage deposits. Note from your landlord: Due to increasing expenses, we will be increasing rents across the board by $100 month, beginning next month!
The value of your home may go up a little...or a lot...creating additional value, or equity. You are helping your landlord create equity, not you.
Go ahead, paint that room! You live in someone else's home. You live by their tastes...generally off-white.
You can do your laundry whenever you want. If you've got enough quarters...if the machines are not being used...then you can do laundry.
You have a fenced in yard for your kids to play and pets to romp. No Pets Allowed!...And keep your kids off the grass please!
You're part of a covenant controlled community that you have a vested interest in. The apartment next door got trashed in a party last night...not much you can do about it.
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